At Least 200 Students Attend Late Night Rave at Coventry University

Thursday, 01 October 2020
At Least 200 Students Attend Late Night Rave at Coventry University

Hundreds of university students have been filmed crammed into a common room close to Coventry University’s main campus for a late-night rave, in a clear breach of coronavirus lockdown rules.


Despite the alarming rise in case numbers seen across the UK which has seen thousands of students locked down, at least 200 students were seen to climb atop of ping pong tables, dance, and scream along to music into the small hours of Tuesday morning.


A statement from Coventry University, where there have been five confirmed cases of COVID-19, condemned the behaviour and highlighted that the university was “deeply concerned” by the scenes in the video.


The statement continues by stating the university have “introduced a code of conduct for students and shared this widely with them ahead of the weekend,” while also promising to investigate the video and discipline any students involved who are found to be enrolled at Coventry University.


There are currently thought to be close to 4,000 students across Britain self-isolating for two weeks after more than 500 cases of COVID-19 were identified across at least 32 universities.


Around 1,700 students are under lockdown restrictions at Manchester Metropolitan University while the University of Exeter has become the latest to impose the “soft lockdown” measures on its students, asking them to only socialise with members of their own household.


While students in England will be able to return home this Christmas, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has warned some will have to cut their term short and quarantine for a fortnight before they do so.

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