COVID-19: A Guide to Sending Your Luggage Home

Thursday, 14 May 2020
COVID-19: A Guide to Sending Your Luggage Home

Did you leave your country of residence in a hurry when lockdown restrictions started being implemented? Maybe you left all your summer clothes behind or didn’t bring every you needed to survive during lockdown. The good news is you can easily send your luggage home using our luggage shipping service. This guide will tell you everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have about sending your luggage home during COVID-19.


Can I Send My Suitcase Home During COVID-19?


Yes absolutely. You can still send a suitcase during COVID-19 using Send My Bag’s dedicated luggage shipping service. Our service is still largely operating as normal during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re also providing daily updates on how the Send My Bag service is affected by COVID-19 via our website.


What’s the Best Way to Send a Suitcase Home?


There’s no better way to send your suitcase home than using the world’s leading luggage delivery company. You guessed it, Send My Bag. We offer door-to-door services to over 250 destinations around the world. We offer customer support 7 days a week with 24hr support available on weekdays and have a dedicated companion app so that you can track your suitcase live as it moves through our network.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Suitcase Home?


The cost to ship your suitcase home will depend on your chosen route. Getting a quote to ship a suitcase home couldn’t be easier using our Quick Quote tool.


How Can I Ship My Luggage Home?


The process for shipping your luggage home couldn’t be easier. Simply head to our quote page and select your chosen collection and destination countries. You will need to enter the dimensions and weight of the suitcase you want to send, enter your collection and delivery addresses and select a collection date. Once the order is complete, you will need to print and attach your shipping labels and any customs documentation required for your shipment.


Your suitcase will be collected on your selected collection date and you’ll be able to track the shipment online throughout its journey.



Why Should I Send My Luggage Home during COVID-19?

There are plenty of reason why you should send your luggage home during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve listed a few of these below:


  • Send your luggage home to avoid baggage carousels at airports, this will eliminate the need to come into contact with other passengers for extended periods of time when they are collecting their checked luggage at arrivals.
  • Send your luggage home if you left personal effects abroad and need a change of seasonal clothing.
  • Send your luggage home to make sure you have everything you need during lockdown.
  • Send your luggage home to make check in easier. By sending your luggage ahead, your you won’t need to hand a heavy suitcase over at the check in desk.
  • Send your luggage home if you left your country of residence in a hurry and wish you had packed more.



We hope you’ve found this guide to sending your luggage home during COVID-19 useful. Make sure you have everything you need during lockdown using our luggage forwarding service.

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