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Flight Delay Claims Increase

Flight Delay Claims Increase

Today air travel is something to be endured. The excitement of jetting off on holiday that we used to experience has been decidedly diminished by endless cancellations, delays, lost baggage, extortionate add-on fees and being herded like cattle from check-in to boarding. And we’re not just imagining it – things are getting worse. Flight compensation company EUclaim has recently published data that reveals a dramatic increase in the number of claims for compensation they have received from passengers against the UK’s main airlines.

25 Jul 2016

The Best Shopping in Europe

The Best Shopping in Europe

Finding the best shopping areas when on holiday is a pastime for many people. Even better is going on a shopping holiday. This way you get to visit a different country, sample the culture and visit the sites, but you can also while away hours looking at what products are on offer and feeling freer than usual to purchase what appeals to you. Europe offers a wealth of cities renowned for their excellent shopping holiday opportunities. In order to get best enjoyment out of your shopping holiday, you should plan carefully which city best suits your tastes and your budget. To help you, Send My Bag has picked out some of the best shopping destinations that Europe has to offer.

21 Jul 2016

Five Unusual Holidays

Five Unusual Holidays

Why not take an unusual holiday in Europe this year by choosing a destination that you would not normally think of visiting? You could find that you discover some of Europe’s hidden gems. To get you started, Send My Bag have picked out some unusual holiday destinations that you could try.

19 Jul 2016

Top Tips for Overseas Contract Jobs

Overseas contract jobs are an attractive propsition for some workers who wish to move away from the traditional working life of 9-5, Monday to Friday. Taking on contracted employment abroad means workers get to shake up their routine and see other areas of the world. Of course this type of work also has its disadvantages. Homesickness, jet lag and living in temporary accommodation are among the problems faced by these workers. There are aspects of contracting abroad that you can prepare for, however, and Send My Bag has put together some top tips to help people who work away from home plan for their next job abroad.

13 Jul 2016

Destinations for Sports Holidays and Activity Holidays

Sports holidays and activity holidays are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers who want to do more during their vacation than visit a few tourist attractions. Recent years have also seen an upsurge in the number of people tuning in to watch sports tournaments on TV and on the internet. So how do the host countries of recent major sports tournaments measure up as sports holiday destinations?  

11 Jul 2016


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