Does Send My Bag use DHL?

Does Send My Bag use DHL?

Does Send My Bag use FedEx, UPS and other couiers?

We work with a wide range of couier and logistics partners worldwide. Our shipments travel more than a billion miles every year and this experience means we are uniquely positioned to assess the performace of all major logistics networks across the globe and with different shipment types, this means we may use a particular partner to fly your consignment between continenets, but if you were shipping within the continent we may work with someone else.


Regardless of the logistics network we choose for your shipments journey you can rest assused, our deciions are based on significnat experince and we are positined to make changes quickly should any network be disruipted. Send My Bag's team operates 24hrs a day, working with dedicated teams within our logistics partners in the UK, USA, Australia and more. 


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