Shipping from the UK to the US

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Shipping UK to US

Shipping from the UK to the US

Shipping from UK to US is easy and affordable and doesn’t take as long as you might think. You can ship suitcases, boxes, parcels, and sports equipment, such as bikes and golf clubs, from the UK to the US, to any one of the 50 US states.

Shipping possessions to the US is a great way to help you move there or to take an extended trip. With luggage delivery service Send My Bag, you can send items weighing up to 30 kg/ 66 lbs each, as standard. This means you can easily ship everything you need to set up home in the US or to take a long trip around the country.

Why You Might Travel to the US

There are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to the US. The country’s large cities are a big draw for visitors. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New Orleans are among the most popular, with each offering very different but equally exciting experiences. New York and Los Angeles are great destinations for movie buffs, with New York frequently used as a filming location and LA being home to the big film studios.

The US is a great destination for a family holiday, with no city better suited to making kids’ dreams come true than Orlando, Florida. Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Seaworld and Discovery Cove all offer days and days and fun for your little ones.

If you would rather explore the USA’s natural attractions, you have a huge selection of stunning National Parks to choose from, from the icy Kenai Fjords in Alaska to the grass plains of Yellowstone - the American Serengeti.

If visiting the US on holiday isn’t enough, you might be tempted to move to the US, whether for work, to study, to join family there or to return home. A life in the US brings many benefits, as explained in our Top Ten Reasons to Move to the US. Should you decide to make the move, we also have a handy guide to moving to America.

Sort Out Your Luggage Shipping

To arrange your shipping from the UK to the US, just enter your details using our quick quote tool, including your pickup postcode in the UK and the zip code of your shipping destination. You will be given a list of prices relating to different shipment sizes. You can then go ahead and book by providing some additional information, such as the dimensions and weight of your shipment.

So How Much Does It cost to Ship from UK to US?

The cost to ship from UK to US is £37/$53 for up to 5 kg/ 11 lbs, £62/ $88 for up to 15 kg/ 33 lbs and £99/ $140 for up to 30 kg/ 66 lbs. Each additional kg after this costs £4.40 and each additional lb costs $2.95.

How long does It Take to Ship from UK to US?

The time to ship from UK to US is 2-3 working days. This speedy express service means you won’t have to wait long for your possessions to arrive in the US. You also won’t need to send your shipment too far in advance, giving you extra time to pack.

Choose Send My Bag for shipping from UK to US and enjoy free £125/ $200 insurance cover, plus the peace of mind of being able to track your bag every step of the way – get your free quote now.

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