Student House Hunting Tips During COVID-19

Thursday, 27 Aug 2020

Student House Hunting Tips During COVID-19

This will be an academic year like no other; teaching will be “blended” between distanced online learning and in person instruction, virtual freshers’ weeks will take place, ‘social bubbles’ may be implemented, and club nights are likely to be few and far between.

If you’re continuing on with your studies, or if you’re just at the beginning of your higher education journey, you may find yourself looking for a shared house to live in. Of course, there may be some of you who wish to stay at home and commute this year.

Besides all of the fun and games that a shared house can bring, there are also some boring adult things to do. Firstly, the process of finding and successfully getting a house, then things like picking rooms, setting up Wi-Fi, electricity, TV, splitting bills and so on. There’s also the small matter of staying safe and acting responsibly, especially in light of the current situation.

Send My Bag have written this blog which includes our top tips for tackling the process of moving into a student house. 

Make sure you move in with the right people

Living with people can be fun but this may be the first time you’re sharing a communal space with others outside of your family; you don’t know their bad habits, whether they’re grumpy in the morning, their personal hygiene standards, or their attitude towards splitting bills. 

Most of the time you can move on from small disagreements. However, if the real problem is that you don’t get on with the person, it is likely that any arguments, drama, and tension will intensify and multiply. No one want to live in a house where it feels like you have to tread carefully.

This year it may also be a good idea to set some ground rules with housemates when it comes to cleanliness and self-isolation. Everyone needs to be on the same side if one of you becomes sick or has been told to isolate by a COVID-19 contact tracing team. Always follow official government advice.



Location is one of the most important factors when finding a student house, for lectures, the library, and the student nightlife. Most university campuses have student populated areas near them – don’t expect to see anything too lavish as the accommodation in these areas mostly come down to cheapness and location rather than luxury.

If you can find others who want to do the same, you may wish to look a bit further afield from university buildings than usual this year with student parties and events likely to be dialled down. Make sure you are aware of the route you would need to be taking and of course factor in the added transport costs. 

Look out for fees

When you have found a house that you want, make sure to double check that any fees the landlord or letting agents are charging when going through the process of getting the house, are legally required. Ensure that they aren’t adding on any unnecessary extra charges to make more money. 

Look out for the best deals

When it comes to setting up the broadband in your new house, make sure to do your research on the range of providers and their packages to find the cheapest deals and prices. You’ll most likely find that sale reps from these providers will be advertising in student populated areas, trying to get you signed up. Rather than signing up straight up away, you can compare deals and prices on websites like Save The Student or Broadband Genie so that you are going for the best one. 

Keep on top of things

No one wants to be in the position of chasing your house mates for money that they owe you, which can lead to tension and conflict, so to avoid this it’s best not to slack behind on any upcoming bill payments. 

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