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Everything was great except for the actual delivery at my address in Spain. The delivery man after buzzing didn’t wait a second I opened the gate as he should have heard and I run downstairs having to literally run after the van. 1 he knew someone was in the house as I opened the gate 2 he didn’t wait for not even a solid minute . I think it is redicoulous that I was about to miss my very important delivery cause the guy did not had the care to wait for literally one minute. I need this type of service often but this make me unsure if I would use this particular company again.
anna v, Sending from Italy to Spain
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Steven verified customer
May 2019
I don't do reviews usually but I found this such a great process I thought I had to tell others.

I booked in for a Monday pickup but Sunday I realized a few shirts I wanted were still at the dry cleaners. I moved the date to Tuesday online no issues.

Tuesday I was a little worried because it was 4:30pm and my pick up was scheduled for anytime before 6pm. I called them and as I was discussing my concern when the driver (DHL) turned up. It was nice to know I could talk to a human even tho it turned out I really didn't need to.

I would recommend ordering the free packing pouches with zip ties, makes everything look official and secure.

Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
John P verified customer
May 2019
Excellent Customer Service
Collections and deliveries as promised. Website does not seem to detail max dimensions of bags but asks for size during ordering.
Like competitors company does not seem to have grasped that customers require return labels before going away. Customer service first rate though. Telephone answered fairly quickly, both after midnight and mid morning. Agents very helpful and return labels emailed to me within minutes.
Collection date can be chosen and trial of reduced collection window worked for me but greater exactness regarding collection and delivery times would be an improvement.
Overall I will use this service again and have and will recommend it to others.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
danielle S verified customer
May 2019
Perfect and rapid service. This is amazing !
This is the perfect broker. I used its service 4 times during 1 year and the parcel is always delivered on time without any issues.
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 5
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