thinks of SendMyBag
excellent service and good value
the actual service fro bag pickup to delivery (including tracking) is superb.
My only advice would be to tell potential customers to have all relevant documents that may be needed, at hand before starting, especially if sending bags to people who are in transit to that destination. Example, all passports, flight no's. arrival dates and any other info needed to complete a booking.
Joe Long, Sending from Ireland to Australia
Review Score
rating out of 5
Mohamed Ismail verified customer
August 2019
Sending from UK to Norway
Great service. Especially customer service including email and facebook
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
Irving W verified customer
August 2019
Sending from UK to United States
Fantastic Service!
Strongly recommend, extremely fast and reliable service.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 5
Elizabeth K verified customer
August 2019
Convenient for moving!
I decided to clear out my storage locker this summer and send my belongings to my overseas posting. This was such an easy process and timely. From pickup to delivery it wasn’t quite 72 hours from east coast Canada to northern Italy.
I needed to change my destination address (and was warned of the possible problems with doing such) but my things arrived as planned!
Thank you for your help with the process.
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 4
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