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Really great service, but really long waiting times
Hi there,

I had really great service, the booking was nice and simple and even though I only purchased the item two days before the pick-up date, I could process it on the 9th. This service is great, however it does rely on people being free all day long - both Tuesday and today I was bound to my flat, and there was no way of getting a 30 min warning. Maybe this is something DHL could provide in the future? Also, when my package was picked up, I was told any one package shouldn't be 30kg - perhaps you could offer a 30kg option with two items at 15 kg a piece (or 25kg or 5kg). I also got a recommendation, which made it all cheaper.

Overall, good pricing and good system, but it would be worth looking into a more precise booking timetabling system.

Will definitely recommend the service in future!
Elizabeth O, Sending from UK to Germany
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Krys K verified customer
July 2019
Reliable and professional
I highly recommend this service, especially for university students as they have very good rates and a straightforward booking system. My only issue was that I didn't get the label holders that I paid for, but I believe that this might have been the post office's fault. But the company e-mails you the labels so you can print them off anyway. I would use their service again for sure.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
Yun Tan verified customer
July 2019
Had a really great experience using this service
Really good service from sendmybag, with constant tracking and notifications, sending my items on time. Their app was really good as well. I chose this out of other companies because they can help you send it in suitcase form.
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Pello verified customer
July 2019
Easy and reliable service
Wasy to book, helpful customer service. Bag was not delivered on time because buzzer wasn't working properly but managed to rearrange delivery for the next day and customer service was helpful.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
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