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Really great service, but really long waiting times
Hi there,

I had really great service, the booking was nice and simple and even though I only purchased the item two days before the pick-up date, I could process it on the 9th. This service is great, however it does rely on people being free all day long - both Tuesday and today I was bound to my flat, and there was no way of getting a 30 min warning. Maybe this is something DHL could provide in the future? Also, when my package was picked up, I was told any one package shouldn't be 30kg - perhaps you could offer a 30kg option with two items at 15 kg a piece (or 25kg or 5kg). I also got a recommendation, which made it all cheaper.

Overall, good pricing and good system, but it would be worth looking into a more precise booking timetabling system.

Will definitely recommend the service in future!
Elizabeth O, Sending from UK to Germany
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rating out of 5
Stephen O verified customer
October 2019
Sending from Ireland to Australia
Reliable from booking to delivery!
It's a perfect service that I have relied upon many times and would not hesitate to recommend.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 3
Jack P verified customer
October 2019
Excellent service
Fantastic service. Really found the App very useful. Would definitely use it again and would recommend to others
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
samia s verified customer
October 2019
was good
It was good, but it came a day late, and could be faster within the same country. As 3 working days. there were 6, with the weekend 8 days. But it all worked out and nobody messed with anything. In this sense you are to be congratulated
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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