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Excellent service. Totally worth recommending to everyone who ever needs a package delivery provider. Cristal clear instructions and competent support in case of questions.
Saemi, Sending from Singapore to Switzerland
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rating out of 5
Alcides Colomine verified customer
November 2019
Stress free
One thing that comes embedded with every move is stress. Well not anymore.

Not only send my bag have very competitive prices, but there service is beyond amazing. I have recommended it for two other friends before I experienced it myself and I couldn’t be any happier. They will definitely be my #1 choice whenever I have to relocate again.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 8
Irene J verified customer
November 2019
Smooth opearation
The items were not picked up from my fourth floor apartment. That was inconvenient. And they were delivered a day too early. Good thing s.o. was home.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 3
Chris D verified customer
November 2019
Excellent from start to finish
Fully tracked all the way from Sydney to UK home address, delivered within 48 hours, amazing service.
Ex Pat
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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