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Very easy and the cheapest way I've found
It's very easy to use and I use it to send my things as I move between Spain and the UK. It means I can travel easily with essentials and the rest of my things arrive a couple of days later. The only thing that's a slight negative is having to stay in all day as delivery times aren't given.
NicoleW, Sending from UK to Spain
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rating out of 5
Manuela P verified customer
November 2019
Excellent timely and professional service
We have been using Send My Bag now for almost 6 years and have never experienced any difficulties. We have always received our bags on time at a reasonable cost with any request processed with the utmost professional care.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 13
Wagner verified customer
November 2019
Sending from UK to Italy
Was amazing
I’m very surprised it was very quickly and efficient.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Nathan L verified customer
November 2019
Sending from UK to Spain
Great, well priced service
Very well priced and easy to book, highly recommended.
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Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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