thinks of SendMyBag
Pleasantly surprised at how helpful and responsive Sendmybag was
Only real downside....very restricted range of items allowed. Appreciate this is the carrier requirements. Pricing is on the high side. But tracking information is brilliant. As is responses to queries. Delivery was fast.
Harold S, Sending from UK to Ethiopia
Review Score
rating out of 5
Giuseppe Caracciolo verified customer
March 2023
All good!
Box arrived on time, as expected from the beginning. Box safe and sound. Just a few stretches on the external side, but everything inside the box is intact.
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
Piotr verified customer
March 2023
Sending from Italy to UK
Great service
Delivered very fast and the booking was really easy.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 3
Laura P verified customer
March 2023
Sending from Germany to Italy
Everything worked perfectly
Great customer service, collection and shipment easy and on time. Everything perfect
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
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