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thinks of SendMyBag
Some limitations but overall a good experience
I was frustrated that I was not able to ship any liquids, creams or pastes in my suitcase. I wish I had know this before leaving the UK and moving to Malaysia as I would have prioritised the things I took with me in my accompanying suitcase. I just didn't expect it and that is my fault for not checking. However, after receiving my bag, I am thankful it all got to me in one piece.
Anna G, Sending from UK to Malaysia
Review Score
rating out of 5
David verified customer
December 2021
Sending from Spain to Ireland
Exactly as advertised.
Easy, quick and efficient delivery. Thanks guys!
Lifetime Bags Sent: 10
Doreen Middleton verified customer
December 2021
Sending from UK to UK
Absolutely brilliant
Can’t recommend highly enough. Wales to Guildford overnight. Excellent.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Ibtsam verified customer
December 2021
Sending from UK (Northern Ireland) to UK
I'M so happy That I am using this service for first time.
Great service
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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