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After looking at various ways to get my luggage sent from Spain back to the US, this one seemed the most reasonably priced and hassle free. Bags arrived early and I'm glad someone recommended send my bag to me.
Nicolas, Sending from Spain to United States
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Kim G verified customer
December 2022
Other companies can learn from the Send My Bag team
I'm in the process of moving back to the US from abroad and have used the Send My Bag team twice. With booking, there are no surprises price-wise, which I appreciate. The app is an excellent and easy-to-use tool that gives me peace-of-mind as I can watch my bag travel. BUT, it's the service that puts this team on top. They are available 24/7 and the LIVE CHAT function is invaluable. When I realized my bags might arrive from Fedex after the bldg manager was gone for the day, the SMB representative contacted Fedex on my behalf, passing along specific info about how best to reach me to assure my bags would be delivered safely to me. If you're using this service, you're probably sending your favorite belongings across long distances. It can be stressful. The whole SMB experience and team is TOP TOP!
Lifetime Bags Sent: 4
Denis verified customer
December 2022
Sending from Germany to United States
Great service
Everything worked perfectly
Ex Pat
Lifetime Bags Sent: 6
Laura verified customer
December 2022
I will use it again
The only thing that would be nice is to have some Saturdays or Sundays to send the box as if you work from Monday till can't.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 3
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