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Smooth process
The booking collection and delivery went smoothly and to plan. The only issue is that you are not given a more specific time window for collection and delivery. Having to wait at home all day isn't ideal a
A more specific collection window or the option to drop off the package at a collection site would be preferable.
Harold M, Sending from Belgium to Germany
Review Score
rating out of 5
Trishala P verified customer
January 2023
Comfortable, secure and convenient!
I've moved my personal belongings twice with send my bag; one move from Canada to the US and one within the US. Send my bag customer support via the live chat is possibly the best customer support I've ever received. They respond within minutes (sometimes even seconds), they go the extra mile to check on status etc and they are available 24x7! I was able to connect with them whenever I wanted to verify something. the send my bag service is one you can trust and rely on. They send you the labels, envelopes etc which is extremely convenient. Mine were shipped to my home within 2 days. Scheduling has never been challenging! The only concern I have with Send My Bag is with their partner, Fedex. Given that collection and delivery is managed by Fedex, you are at the mercy of the Fedex rep collecting and delivering. If they are unwilling to call you, find you or wait for even a few secs to pick up or drop off, it becomes extremely chaotic to reschedule. Waiting from 9-6 pm is not fun at all.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 18
Delia verified customer
January 2023
Sending from Italy to Netherlands
The shipping was perfect, and also is arrived with 3 days in advance.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Federico M verified customer
January 2023
Incredibly easy and efficient
The whole process, from start to finish, was extremely simple and well followed. The package was picked up and delivered on time.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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