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Very fast and easy
I have never tried sending a suitcase or anything big internationally, so I was a bit nervous. But my suitcase had been delivered from Italy to Denmark 3 days before the estimated date! It only took 4 days, so fast and convenient. I will definitely use this in the future if needed again. Great service available. There was only a slight problem with my payment, but I got help quickly, and they fixed it. I think the price is really good as well. It's much cheaper than an airport check-in.
Lena, Sending from Italy to Denmark
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Milli verified customer
March 2023
Easy pick up, reliable service
I used this service to ship some items to the US from Europe. Booking and pickup was very straightforward. I had some issues with DHL in the US (but this is more related to DHL than Sendmybag)
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Alice A verified customer
March 2023
Quick and easy process
Easy to book online, o LY thing to be aware of is they cannot call a number when they pick up so be sure to have a doorbell. My bag was processed quickly and even arrived one day early
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Mahmud Rzayev verified customer
March 2023
That was a very convenient process.
It was my first time using this company and I found it very convenient. Also my luggage was delivered faster than the mentioned time which is plus for me. I liked the app, one can easily check every step, but I also have to mention that one of the legs of my luggage is broken and now a luggage kinda useless because it's problematic to move it.
But overall I liked this company. Thank You=)
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
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