10 years ago Send My Bag® was started for students, by students. We're proud to have grown into the leading student shipping company and we remain 100% committed to offering the best student shipping service for students (and parents!) everytime.

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NUS Extra International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Student Advantage

#SMBstudents Dedicated Student Pricing

Send My Bag® offers dedicated pricing for student removals and college shipping. The difference between our student prices and regular prices can vary, but is typically 5-10% on selected routes and services.

Accessing our student pricing couldn't be easier; simply tweet @SendMyBag or write on our Facebook wall requesting a #SMBstudents code. Make sure you include which college you attend and the hashtag #SMBstudents. We'll respond with a code which you can enter into the above form to secure student pricing on your order.

If you have your university student card to hand, you can also join #SMBstudents by selecting 'University Student Card' in the registration box above and then entering your student number.

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ISIC, Student Advantage and NUS Extra card holders have access to the best Send My Bag prices available, with cardholders receiving 10% discount off all regular prices on all routes. Please be aware that if you proceed to a quote from this page before adding your card number you will see our dedicated lower student shipping pricing (not our regular pricing), however once you have added your ISIC, Student Advantage or NUS card and proceed to a quote you will see our regular pricing, but don't worry, once you click 'Book Now' and add your first bag your 10% cardholder discount will apply, giving you the best price available.

The very first Send My Bag website proudly displayed a No.1 for Students banner. Some years on, we work with the top student organizations worldwide. You can rest assured that we're committed to providing the No.1 student shipping and college removals service worldwide and getting your baggage to you on time, hassle free.


Excellent: 4.7 / 5
Based on 87737 independent reviews.
Giuseppe Caracciolo verified customer
March 2023
All good!
Box arrived on time, as expected from the beginning. Box safe and sound. Just a few stretches on the external side, but everything inside the box is intact.
Studying Abroad
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2

Why do students choose Send My Bag® more often than any other student courier service?


We started delivering student luggage to universities in 2006, from porter's lodges in Oxford, to receptions at NYU. The universities know our service and how it works.


  • The best price, guaranteed,
  • Customer support designed for students,
  • Live chat 7 days/ week
  • Local rate phone support available to 10 pm weekdays and at weekends
  • FREE label holders (sent by mail, order at least 1 week in advance),
  • Awesome independent reviews,
  • Free complimentary cover on every bag
  • Student Advantage and ISIC US discount - #SMBstudents discount available to every student!

Since our inception as a college shipping company, Send My Bag has grown to a global leader in luggage shipping. Recent research has found that Send My Bag prices beat airline baggage charges and our money-saving, hassle-eliminating service is being talked about everywhere from Fortune magazine to The Financial Times.

Moving away to college, whether you are traveling within the US or studying abroad, is one of the most exciting times of your life, and we want to help to make it as easy as possible. Send My Bag is a college shipping service and student removals expert which can send your excess college baggage worldwide, offering fantastic savings vs. checked baggage charges.

When you’re moving on to the next stage of your education, things can start to get stressful. There is so much to think about, from the new place you’ll be living in, to the new people you’ll be meeting. The last thing on your mind is how you will manage to stay within your airline's student baggage allowance. It’s only once you get to the airport and you are hit with extortionate excess baggage charges that you realize you have over packed. So why not consider student removals and college shipping as a stress-free alternative to dragging your bags with you on your journey to college?

Student Removals

There are many problems associated with taking student luggage to college, no matter the mode of transport. There can be high costs associated with taking your student luggage on your flight, especially as airlines deter passengers from checking bags by imposing high checked baggage charges and even higher excess baggage charges. Luggage is just as much of a hassle when traveling by train as you struggle to pull several suitcases onto a train while other passengers push past you. Similarly, trying to pack everything into the car, along with mum, dad and your little sister is anything but fun.

Send My Bag provides a fantastic solution to the stresses of traveling with luggage. We offer an international student removals service that ships your student luggage door to door in next to no time. All you need to do is empty your bedroom into sturdy bags or reinforced cardboard boxes, ensuring there’s nothing breakable inside them, ready to be moved to your dorm. Then you simply need to book in your college shipping online at Send My Bag using the quick quote tool for an estimate of delivery dates and prices. Our student courier service collects your bags and boxes from home, and delivers them to your dorm. At the end of term, your student luggage can be collected again from your student accommodation and delivered back home.

International Student Shipping

Students taking Gap Years are increasingly heading abroad for extended periods of time. Many of these students quickly come to discover the issues and high costs associated with taking their luggage abroad with them. Problems arise when backpacks exceed hand luggage allowances or overweight checked luggage incurs high excess baggage fees.

To avoid the hassle and embarrassment of excess baggage charges, your best option might be to use our international college shipping service to send your bags on ahead. This means you can have everything you need, when and where you need it, without having to break the bank to get it there. You can use our student courier service for various shipping needs, whether you need to send an extra bag packed with college stuff from the East to the West Coast, or you need to send luggage as far afield as Australia or Thailand to kick start your Gap Year tour.

By choosing college shipping you will not only avoid hidden fees from your airline, but you will also avoid the hassle of carting heavy bags around the airport and to and from your dorm, and even save time by not having to wait at check-in or at the luggage carousel. With our handy quick quote tool, you’ll be able to estimate how much your student shipping will cost, even if you need to send your bags to an especially far-flung destination. All you need to do is select your student shipping pick-up date with our couriers online. Then, you should ensure your bags are properly packed and that they don’t include any items that are restricted in your destination country. Once everything is appropriately labelled, we’ll do the rest; it couldn’t be simpler.

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