Baggage Shipping USA specialises in shipping to and from the USA, whether you're shopping in New York, visiting the theme parks in Florida or holidaying in California is the reliable hassle free alternative to carrying a lot of luggage.

You can also arrange shipping back from the USA for your return journey, or if you are coming back from studying there, a gap year or if you are moving away from the States. With Send My Bag you no longer have to worry about excess weight charges during your trip.

As the USA is outside of the EU you will need to supply Sendmybag with a breakdown of what you are sending. Once you have booked your collection we will send you a link to provide this information online. We would also recommend completing the USA’s personal effects form.

More information on shipping to USA and clearing international customs can be found on our Destinations page under the header "What Customs Documentation must I attach?".

American Post code format: 5 number e.g. 90210

The USA is divided into 50 States:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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Sending From USAUnder 15 kgsUnder 25 kgsTransit Time
UK - MainlandExpress£69.00£79.002 days
AustraliaExpress£149.99£205.993 days
BelgiumExpress£109.99£149.992 days
BrazilExpress£264.99£359.993 days
CanadaExpress£79.99£99.991 day
ChinaExpress£144.99£194.994 days
CyprusExpress£129.99£174.994 days
Czech RepublicExpress£109.99£149.993 days
DenmarkExpress£129.99£174.992 days
FranceExpress£135.99£149.992 days
GermanyExpress£109.99£149.992 days
Hong KongExpress£104.99£144.992 days
IndiaExpress£149.99£204.994 days
IrelandExpress£109.99£149.992 days
IsraelExpress£189.99£269.993 days
ItalyExpress£109.99£149.992 days
JapanExpress£104.99£149.992 days
MexicoExpress£94.99£119.992 days
NepalExpress£284.99£382.995 days
NetherlandsExpress£109.99£149.992 days
New ZealandExpress£144.99£204.993 days
NorwayExpress£129.99£174.993 days
PolandExpress£129.99£174.992 days
PortugalExpress£109.99£149.992 days
SingaporeExpress£104.99£144.995 days
SlovakiaExpress£124.99£174.993 days
SpainExpress£109.99£149.992 days
SwedenExpress£129.99£174.992 days
SwitzerlandExpress£124.99£179.994 days
ThailandExpress£149.99£204.993 days
United Arab EmiratesExpress£189.99£269.994 days
Viet NamExpress£149.99£204.993 days

Sending To USAUnder 15 kgsUnder 25 kgsTransit Time
UK - MainlandExpress£69.00£79.002 days
AustraliaExpress£184.99£249.993 days
AustriaExpress£164.99£224.992 days
BelgiumExpress£129.99£179.992 days
BrazilExpress£319.99£419.993 days
CanadaExpress£91.99£114.991 day
ChinaExpress£174.99£229.994 days
Czech RepublicExpress£164.99£224.993 days
DenmarkExpress£164.99£224.992 days
FranceExpress£129.99£179.992 days
GermanyExpress£129.99£179.992 days
Hong KongExpress£129.99£144.992 days
IndiaExpress£179.99£249.994 days
IrelandExpress£129.99£149.992 days
IsraelExpress£239.99£324.993 days
ItalyExpress£129.99£179.992 days
JapanExpress£129.99£174.992 days
MexicoExpress£109.99£137.992 days
NepalExpress£349.99£468.995 days
NetherlandsExpress£129.99£179.992 days
New ZealandExpress£144.99£204.993 days
PolandExpress£164.99£219.992 days
PortugalExpress£129.99£179.992 days
SingaporeExpress£124.99£169.992 days
SlovakiaExpress£144.99£199.994 days
SpainExpress£129.99£179.992 days
SwedenExpress£164.99£224.992 days
SwitzerlandExpress£164.99£224.994 days
ThailandExpress£184.99£249.993 days
United Arab EmiratesExpress£239.99£324.994 days
Viet NamExpress£184.99£249.993 days