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Whether it's a collection for a single set of clubs, a four ball having a weekend away or a couple of dozen sets for the annual club outing, golf clubs are one of the most common items travelling through our network. The top tips below will help you get the most out of your golf trip with Send My Bag:

  1. Package your golf clubs thoroughly. A golf bag that you walk around the course with is not suitable protection for sending your clubs through our network. The best packaging option is placing your standard set of clubs inside a freight-approved hard travel case. If one isn't available to you we recommend packaging your golf bag securely within a double walled cardboard box. As golf club shipping is now so popular there are lots of online stores selling specially sized boxes for shipping golf clubs. Regardless of the packaging you use, we recommend taking extra care to wrap and add additional protection to vulnerable areas such as around the heads of drivers. Send My Bag cover can only extend to damage claims when golf clubs are sent within a freight-approved case but packaging should be thorough, regardless of the packaging method.
  2. Golf clubs will typically fit within our standard large suitcase allowance. However, as our quotes are based on both size and weight, we recommend proceeding from our quote page to the first step of the booking process where you can enter dimensions to receive a quote for your exact item. Some golf bags can be quite chunky and when you enter the dimensions you may find your golf bag, when packaged, will exceed the large suitcase allowance. With this is mind, many customers will send their clubs in a smaller bag without the large external pockets, which can fit inside a slim golf bag shipping box. When any item exceeds 120cm there are certain parts of the network it cannot move through automatically and it will be unloaded and moved by hand. As such, when you book to ship an item over 120cm there is an additional handling fee added. If your item exceeds 120cm the handling fee will be included when you receive your detailed quote at step one of the booking process. Even the largest woods and drivers tend not to exceed 115cm and so we suggest measuring your closed golf bag before buying your box or freight case and opting for one under 120cm if possible. Send My Bag doesn't recommend sending golf clubs simply within their standard golf bag or within a soft-sided travel bag. Send My Bag cover cannot extend to damage claims when clubs are packaged in this way, but if you do opt to send in a soft sided case please ensure golf towels and any other items which may get caught when your bag is moving through the automated network are removed.
  3. When sending your golf clubs for a vacation or competition it makes sense to have them arrive a few days before you do. Send My Bag has a great on-time delivery record but unexpected delays do occur from time to time and we recommend having your clubs arrive 3 days before you, or 5 days if sending to or from a designated remote area. Many of our customers will be staying in private villas in golf resorts and, as no one would be there to sign for the golf clubs, they will send the clubs ahead to the resort reception, pro shop or other area within the golf club. In our experience golf clubs are happy to accommodate this. Equally, if you're taking a golf holiday in a popular golfing destination such as Scotland you will find the hotels are happy to accommodate the early arrival of clubs and store them in their luggage room for you. If you are sending golf clubs on a customs route, such as from the USA to Scotland, we recommend checking the relevant destination country's destination page for the latest customs guidance before travel.

Sending golf clubs

Golf is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people deciding to take up the sport and many taking golf clubs abroad on golfing holidays. In light of this, airlines are able to charge high prices to have golf clubs flown overseas in the hold of passenger planes. The passenger will also have the hassle of transporting their golf clubs to and from the airport, 4 people and 4 sets of clubs can't fit in one taxi, as well as the inconvenience of waiting around at bag drop and luggage carousels.

Send My Bag is proud to offer a fast and reliable door-to-door golf club shipping service at a much lower cost. This service saves you the hassle of dealing with your golf clubs throughout your journey; instead your clubs will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. Read more on how to ship golf clubs overseas below.

Shipping Golf Clubs Overseas

Passengers have suffered stark increases in airline baggage, but with a bit of forward planning they can avoid these extortionate prices.

Send My Bag is a company that specialises in sending goods abroad, and shipping golf clubs is one of our top priorities, especially as demand for the service has soared. Having specialised in the field for many years now, Send My Bag is proven to provide the best service if you want to send golf clubs abroad. We’re also a very competitively priced golf club courier and can ship to any destination due to our numerous available routes and streamlined services.

In order to ensure your golf clubs arrive in time, be sure to book online with the leading golf club shipping company.

Our Golf Club Courier Service

Sending golf clubs by courier is an efficient and cost effective way of sending golf clubs abroad. Here at Send My Bag we are able to provide budget-friendly prices, making us one of the cheapest ways to ship golf clubs.

As part of our service we ensure you are kept up-to-date with the progress of your clubs, notifying you when they have been collected and when they have safely arrived at their destination.

By sending golf clubs internationally, you are able to avoid inflated airline baggage charges and the inconvenience of travelling with your golf clubs. Our golf club courier service allows you to send your golf clubs overseas just a few days in advance so that they are ready and waiting for you upon your arrival.


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