Send a Parcel Overseas with Send My Bag

Shipping a parcel overseas couldn’t be easier when using Send My Bag. National post offices are charging more and more to ship parcels and if you're travelling by plane it's no longer a cost effective option to check your parcel as an additional piece of luggage due to the high fees now charged for additional baggage, many couriers also make it very expensive for the general public to send a parcel. This leaves few affordable options for transporting a parcel internationally.

At Send My Bag we do our research to ensure that we can offer you the best possible prices all year round, whether you are looking to send a parcel the USA, UK, Australia or any other destination worldwide. Our forever-growing list of routes around the world allows us to connect numerous countries together whilst being able to provide our customers with the lowest servicing costs, and not forgetting generous discounts for all our student customers.

By working with express partners we also beat the post office and most day-to-day couriers with the efficiency and speed of our deliveries. This means you can save both time and money when shipping a parcel with Send My Bag. See below for more information about our parcel shipping services.

Shipping Parcels Overseas

Shipping parcels overseas is becoming more and more common following an increase in people travelling and emigrating abroad. Send My Bag has acknowledged this and created a streamlined, efficient and reliable service that caters well for those looking to send a parcel abroad quickly and with no hassle.

The perks of using Send My Bag are that we keep you up-to-date every step of the way, throughout your parcel’s journey, whilst being competitively priced and offering door-to-door efficiency. When shipping parcels overseas, there are many different stages that your parcels have to pass through before actually being released into different countries, which can mean delays and the loss of packages. Using a quality parcel shipping service like Send My Bag can not only save you time, but also considerable cost – especially if you are sending large packages overseas.

Our Parcel Courier Service

Send My Bag is proud to offer an exceptional international parcel shipping service. It is straightforward and very easy to organise international parcel shipping. Our customer service team works around the clock to make sure that you receive high quality courier service from start to finish.

Sending a parcel with us is simple. To start the process you will first need to get a quote using our free online quotation service. From this, you’ll be able to navigate through the online form to book a collection date for your parcel, selecting a shipping day suitable for you.

Once booked, all we ask is that you ensure your parcel is prepared for collection by our courier. We’ll provide all labels and documentation needed, along with a tracking number so you know exactly where your parcel is, every step of the way.

Once collected, it’s a case of tracking your items until they reach their destination. We’ll be sure to update you when this happens, but your tracking code should also help indicate when it has arrived. Alternatively, you can allow our app to notify you throughout your parcel's journey.

We also ship luggage around the world!

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