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Why Ship Baggage?

Ship baggage when you next travel to avoid waiting in line at check-in, standing around at luggage carousels and dragging your bags onto public transportation. Sending your baggage allows you to move overseas or travel abroad to college without the expense of hiring a van removal company. Find out how to send unaccompanied baggage.

Ship Baggage to Avoid Airline Fees

Send your excess baggage to stop airlines charging you excessive amounts for going over their baggage allowances or for sending oversized items like golf clubs and skis. Send My Bag allows you to ship your outsized and excess baggage worldwide at great value, saving you not only on costs, but also on hassle. Find out your airline baggage allowance and see how much you could save by shipping your luggage with Send My Bag. Get your free quick quote now.

Cheap Excess Baggage Shipping

You will soon find that it is a lot cheaper to ship excess baggage with Send My Bag than to pay your airline's excess baggage fees. In fact, shipping baggage is often cheaper than paying to check any baggage at all! When it comes to moving abroad, shipping luggage is much cheaper (and less stressful) than hiring a removal van and driving for hours on end, or paying for a second plane ticket so someone can help carry your bags.

Shipping Baggage Worldwide

No destination around the world is too far for us when it comes to shipping your luggage abroad, whether you need to ship a few suitcases to the UK for a year studying abroad, a couple of bags to Cambodia for a Gap Year, or a bike to France for a cycling holiday.

Booking your baggage shipping couldn't be simpler. We provide you with all the information and forms you need to allow your shipment to pass through customs. Depending on your destination, this might be a packing list and/ or customs declaration forms. It is advised that you consult your destination's baggage shipping page so that you are aware of what you are permitted to send and what information you are required to provide to customs.

Read more about shipping your luggage ahead and about preparing your suitcase for shipping.

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