Ship Luggage to Your Hotel

You can ship luggage to your hotel with Send My Bag. This means you can send your luggage ahead before you travel and have it waiting for you on your arrival. You can also have your luggage picked up from the hotel when you return home.

Ship Luggage to Hotel

Important things to remember when shipping to/ from a hotel

  • You must make sure that your hotel has a standard postal address, one that receives mail or courier services on a regular basis.
  • There must be someone at your hotel who can receive your items for you, so a manned reception or concierge desk is essential.
  • It is possible to send luggage if you are staying in a holiday villa or apartment, as long as there is a main resort office that your baggage can be sent to and signed for.
  • Don’t plan your collection the day you travel, but allow a one-day buffer in case of any extenuating circumstances.
  • Note that your items will need to be collected at the main point of access in your hotel, which means your luggage must be waiting at the reception or concierge desk on the day your collection is scheduled.
  • Ensure you have notified the hotel in advance that your luggage will be arriving with them and/or that your luggage will be collected from.
  • Always check your baggage shipping destination to see if it is suitable for holiday/ vacation luggage.

More information on sending unaccompanied baggage is available.

Sending golf clubs to a hotel or resort

Many customers who send their golf clubs ahead are staying in private villas within golf resorts. These customers send their golf clubs to the resort reception or pro shop so that their clubs can be signed for by resort staff. Find out more about shipping golf clubs.

Shipping skis to a hotel or ski resort

If you are staying in a ski chalet within a ski resort you must enquire with the resort as to the best address to send skis to – somewhere that the skis and any other luggage can be signed for and stored, in anticipation of your arrival.

If you are sending to a seasonal villa, ski resort, or port which is not a standard address within the everyday rounds of the local delivery network, please contact us to ensure services are available to your door. Find out more about ski shipping.

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