Size and Weight Allowances

Understanding how Send My Bag™ calculates your quote based on the size and weight of your item

Send My Bag™ quotes are based on both the size and weight of your item. When our quick quote tool displays a price based on weight, for example quoting $99 for a 33lbs suitcase, there is also a maximum size associated with that quote.



If your bag exceeds the weight or size allowance of a lower band, your item will be moved to the next band, e.g. moved from the up to 33lb rate to the up to 66lb rate.

If you exceed the weight allowance of the upper band you will be charged for each additional 2.2lbs of weight. Additional lb rates vary by route and are displayed in our quick quote.

If your item's volume exceeds the allowance of the upper band, you will be charged at a rate of 2.2lbs for every additional 305 cubic inches.

*The reason we charge per 2.2lbs and not per 1lbs is because the underlying worldwide system works in kgs and there is 2.2lbs in 1kg.

On a number of routes a 11lb express rate is made available for the convenience of our customers who need to send a package, our 11lb rate is not appropriate for luggage of any size.

MAXIMUM LENGTHS & Oversize handling fees


US domestic services:

If an order includes a bag that exceeds 68lbs (31kgs) in weight or volume the item cannot be handled, if such an item is handed to a driver it may be returned or an additional fee applied.

Individual bags or items with a weight exceeding 49lbs (22kg) will incur an additional extra weight surcharge of $35.

If an order includes a bag where 'length + 2(width + breadth)' equals or exceeds 130 inches (330cm) a large item handling fee of c. $80 will be applied. The fee will also be applied if any side exceeds 96 inches (244cm).

No dimension can exceed 106 inches (270cm).


International Express Services:

No item can exceed 154lbs (70kgs) in weight or volume.

Typically international services within the EU and Express Services outside of the EU will incur a fee of c. $115 for any item which has one or more dimensions greater than 47 inches (119cm). On these services, no dimension can exceed 86 inches (220cm).


International Standard Services (excluding services within Europe):

No item can exceed 149lbs (68kgs) in weight or volume.

On some worldwide routes (excluding sending within Europe) if a standard service is available, that service may accept items over 47 inches (119cm) without an additional fee. If you incurr a fee when checking the prices of the express service it is therefore worth returning to the quote page, choosing the standard service and checking that price also, as you may be able to avoid the oversize fee. 

If other size conditions are breached on the standard services a c. $80 fee may display, for example, if any side exceeds 96 inches (244cm). 

We cannot accept items where 'length + 2(width + breadth)' equals or exceeds 130 inches (330cm).

The maximum length permitted on international standard services (excluding within Europe) is 106 inches (270cm).


All Services

This page is provided for general information purposes only, as oversize fees vary by route and service, when sending an item with a side of 47 inches (119cm) or more we recommend proceeding to step 1 of the order process and entering the dimensions of the items you are sending to receive a tailored quote.

Oversize fees are in place because bags of this size cannot move through the network on standard conveyor belts and cost considerably more to handle. Send My Bag makes no profit on these fees and charges at cost.


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