Temporary Emergency Surcharge

Due to a lack of commercial air cargo and disruption to international supply chains, since 2020 our logistics partners have kept their networks operational by scheduling dedicated aircraft and transporting freight by more indirect routes.

In order to keep routes under threat functioning, emergency surcharges were introduced on a number of air express routes (domestic and road service routes are not affected). 

Send My Bag passes these surcharges on at cost. The surcharge is applied once per shipment and is based on the total actual weight or total volumetric weight of your shipment.

Current rates:

£0.18 / $0.24 / 0.21 Euro / $0.35 AUD per kg on the majority of air express routes.

Asia, Australia and New Zealand are subject to higher charges which vary based on route. 

Statement from DHL Express:

DHL Express transports your shipments around the world using our own fleet of dedicated DHL cargo aircraft, supported by significant amounts of commercial air cargo purchased on passenger flights. This unique model provides the coverage, capacity and service levels that you, have come to expect, connecting all 220+ countries and territories worldwide.      

You will all have seen in the news or experienced firsthand the dramatic impact the current COVID-19 crisis is having on the global aviation industry, resulting in significant reductions or complete cancellation of passenger flights in most countries.

Our Global Network teams have been working around the clock to react and adjust our network, adapting it to reflect the changes in capacity and demand resulting from the global upheaval. The massive reduction in available commercial air cargo capacity and destinations has necessitated a switch to more indirect routings and the purchase of additional cargo aircraft lift, which is in high demand.

These factors, among others, increase our costs during this period to unsustainable levels.

This Emergency Situation Surcharge will allow us to cover part of the operating cost increases and the necessary air network adjustments during the time of this emergency situation.

More information on Send My Bag's response to the pandemic can be found on our dedicated information page.


Temporary Fuel Surcharge

Since March 2022 our Emergency Surcharge has also incorporated a temporary fuel surcharge.

As a transport business, one of our largest costs is the fuel and as you will no doubt be aware, in recent months fuel prices have increased dramatically. 

We have been absorbing as much of the price increase as possible, however we now need to pass a small portion of that cost on. We have introduced a temporary fuel surcharge.

We have applied this as a surcharge rather than increasing our base prices as this will allow us to update the surcharge in line with fuel prices on a regular basis.

Update: The fuel surcharge reduced from 15% to 11% on 22nd December 2022 and reduced again from 11% to 9% on 23rd January 2023. Our hope is that in the months ahead we will be able to remove the surcharge entirely, we appreciate your support and patience while this temporary charge remains in place.


Get a quote 

To check the total charge for your shipment, visit our Quote page, then select 'Book Now' to proceed to Step 1 of the order process where you can enter the size and weight of your items and review the charge which will be applied based on your route and what you are sending.

Send My Bag regularly reviews the surcharges we are being charged and updates our pricing accordingly. 


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