Top Destinations to Chase the Winter Blues

Wednesday, 4 Jan 2017

Winter Blues

Whether you are partial to a blast of winter sun or prefer to have fun in the snow, you can keep the holiday spirit of Christmas alive by planning a winter break this January. A break from the drudge of the daily commute will help you sail through the winter months, and you can have lots of fun deciding where you want to go and planning what you are going to do when you get there. Why not choose from one of these five destinations that will be sure to chase away those winter blues?

  1. Florida. Florida has something for everyone, from the tranquil beaches of the north-east coast, to the party beaches of Miami. Then there is the city of theme parks – Orlando ?, with Walt Disney World, Universal and SeaWorld offering attractions to fill weeks of your time. January and February are excellent months to visit Orlando as, by this stage, the mayhem of the festive season has calmed down and spring break is still a few weeks away. This should mean shorter queues and fewer crowds to deal with. The start of the year is also a great time to visit beach resorts in the south, before US college students descend for spring recess. You should enjoy off-peak prices for flights and hotels; but just be aware of the UK half term break in February when prices can spike. Many visitors to Florida from the northern hemisphere will appreciate the winter sun and mild average temperature of 16°C/ 60°F (often rising to 22°C/71°F during the day).
  2. Iceland. Despite its name, Iceland isn’t really all that cold, even in winter, with temperatures sitting at a pretty constant -1°C-3°C (30-37°F) in January and February. Take advantage of the winter season to enjoy Iceland without the summer crowds and at lower prices, while having the added benefit of witnessing the stunning aurora borealis, which is best viewed during dark winter nights. Spend daylight hours visiting the sights and getting some brisk exercise, before coming indoors for a hearty meal in the evening, then a drink or two while sampling Icelandic nightlife. Make sure you set aside a few nights to head out to view the northern lights.
  3. Caribbean. Islands like Barbados, Antigua and St Kitts are the winter destination of choice for celebs. This is because the Caribbean is the perfect place to take a break from their busy schedules. Although this time of year is also winter in the Caribbean, the islands still enjoy lots of winter sun and temperatures in the mid-20°Cs (mid 70°Fs/ low 80°Fs). You can spend your whole holiday lying on the beach among the palm trees, drinking cocktails, and perhaps doing some water sports when you are feeling a bit more energetic. In the evening you can dress up for a long relaxing dinner and a drink with new-found friends.
  4. Thailand. If you love hot weather, head to Thailand this winter. In January the average temperature is 27°C (80°F) with little rain. Unlike the Caribbean, Thailand can offer city breaks as well as beach holidays. You can head to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or relax on the pristine beaches towards the south. If lying on the beach isn’t your thing, Thailand has tonnes of cultural and religious sites for you to visit, such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the ancient Khmer ruins at Phanom Rung and Prasat Hin Phimai. The country also has many regions of outstanding natural beauty, from monsoon forests, to tropical islands, and amazing waterfalls.
  5. Monterosa, ItalyWhy not embrace the best thing that winter can bring – snow! ? by going on a ski holiday. We have mentioned Monterosa on the Send My Bag blog before, but we feel it deserves another mention as an excellent alterative ski destination, away from the crowds of the more well-known resorts in France and Switzerland. If you choose Monterosa, you will enjoy excellent skiing conditions and also escape the crowds (especially during the week). Take your pick from three resorts: Champoluc, Gressoney and Alagna. These last two also earn their stripes as pretty, picturesque villages. Don’t forget that Send My Bag can send your skis to any of these resorts to help you jet off on holiday with ease this winter. See our information page on sending skis to learn more.

Send My Bag can send your baggage to any of these winter sun or winter wonderland destinations, and many more around the world. Read our ‘How it Works’ page to learn more about how to send your bag. If you are planning a holiday, our guides to the 'Best Sporting Holiday Destinations' and the 'Best Destinations for History Lovers' could help you decide where to go.

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