Send My Bag® Label Holders

Forget wrestling sticky tape attach labels quickly and securely with free Send My Bag label holders

Send My Bag label holders are the quick and easy way to safely and securely attach your shipping labels and customs documents.

Label holders are now available free of charge during checkout, you simply pay £1.99 postage within the UK. Special delivery and delivery to other destinations is available but postage charges will vary.

If you didn't select label holders when placing your order and would like to order some click here to add label holders to an existing order. Once logged in, click the order reference of the orders that you wish to add labels to.

We also offer Label Holders and a range of other products via Amazon, label holders are only free if ordered via the Send My Bag website in conjunction with an order.

If you cannot book far enough in advance to receive label holders before you travel we still recommend you order them for next time.

If you do not have label holders please take care to securely attach your tracking label, we recommend you attach a copy to two different parts of your bag. We recommend using a strong plastic wallet (not a poly pocket that may easily pull off), if you are attaching a label with sticky tape run the tape around the bag so the tape doubles back on itself in such a way that you are confident it will not peel away.

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