2023 Thomson / TUI Baggage Allowance for Hand Luggage and Hold Luggage

Find out about Thomson / TUI hand luggage, hold luggage and excess baggage fees

TUI/ Thomson Baggage Allowance
TUI/ Thomson Baggage Allowance

Send Your Luggage

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Thomson / TUI Hand Luggage Allowance:

The Thomson / TUI hand luggage allowance on package holidays is one cabin bag that does not exceed 10 kg and that does not measure more than 55 x 40 x 20 cm.  On flight-only bookings with Thomson / TUI the hand luggage allowance is always one 10 kg bag. All items such as handbags, laptops and duty-free purchases must fit within this one item of hand luggage. 

TUI Hand Luggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can only be brought on board if they fit within the standard hand luggage allowance. An extra seat cannot be purchased for larger instruments on TUI flights.

TUI Hand Luggage and Prohibited Items

Items that cannot be packed into hand luggage include:

Sharp items, such as scissors, knives and blades,

Small vehicles powered by lithium batteries, such as Hoverboards or Segways,

Guns and other firearms,

Workmen's tools,

Blunt items that could be used as a weapon, such as baseball bats.

Thomson / TUI Hold Luggage

When travelling on a Thomson / TUI package holiday you may check in one 15 kg bag, or 20 kg on certain itineraries. Premium Club members can check in 23 kg of hold luggage. Flight-only passengers must purchase a checked baggage allowance, which is cheaper online than at the airport. All passengers travelling on the same booking may pool their baggage allowance, as long as no one bag weighs over 25 kg. Children under two years of age on package holidays are given a 10 kg baggage allowance.

Thomson / TUI Checked Baggage and Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage fees will be charged if your baggage exceeds your checked baggage allowance. The fees range from £13 (€17) to £18 (€27) per kg of excess baggage, depending on the season you are travelling in and whether you are on a short, mid or long haul route.

Thomson / TUI Checked Baggage and Sports Equipment

Thomson / TUI insists that you let them know by telephone (0203 451 2695) two months in advance if you intend to bring sports equipment with you on your flight. Sports equipment must be pre-booked onto your flight. Note that divers who show their diving certificate at check-in will be given an extra 5 kg allowance for their diving equipment, free of charge.

Information correct as of 10/03/2023

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Baggage at a glance
Thomson/ TUI Hand Luggage

1 cabin bag

10 kg; 55 x 40 x 20 cm

Thomson/ TUI Hold Luggage

Package holiday:

15 kg bag

Flight only:

Allowance must be purchased

£13 (€17) to £18 (€27) per kg excess baggage