What Are the Red Brick Universities and Which One is Best for You?

Friday, 12 Jul 2019

List of Red Brick Universities

If you have read our previous blog on the background and benefits of the Red Brick Universities, you’re probably wondering, what are these universities we’re talking about? So as not to leave you hanging, we have put together this list  of Red Brick Universities, plus some pointers about each one, which should help you decide whether any of them are right for you.

University of Birmingham

The 6th largest university in the UK, Birmingham’s campus is the biggest, and is only ten minutes away from the city centre. Birmingham is a vibrant and multicultural city that is ideal for students looking for a city-buzz, while also enjoying student-friendly prices. The university’s medical school is one of Britain’s largest and oldest, ranking #13 out of the top 35 UK universities for medicine. Being at the core of an industrial city, it has countless opportunities for industrial placements, which means you will have an endless list of employers to choose from.

University of Sheffield

In 2018 Times Higher Education ranked the University of Sheffield in the top 5 UK Universities for student satisfaction. What makes this university distinctive from the rest is that it is situated within the Peak District National Park, where you can enjoy the long stretch of natural scenery, and opt to explore it through cycling, walking, and climbing. As one of the smaller Red Brick Universities, the University of Sheffield is ideal for students who aren’t fond of an over-crowded campus or city, and who enjoy getting to experience nature.

University of Bristol 

Bristol is not as campus-based as the other Red Brick Universities, meaning there are longer distances to walk in between classes. The longer walks are made worthwhile, however, by the wide range of places serving food and drink, and the many open spaces you can avail of. Bristol rightly earned its reward as the European Green Capital in 2015, as it boasts over 450 parks and open spaces. The university is linked via an efficient transport system, with free buses serving more distant accommodation. For all parents sending their children off to university for the first time, rest assured, as Bristol is one of the first universities to have been awarded a police certification for its safe and secure environment.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is the fourth largest in the UK and is situated minutes away from one of the most eminent of UK cities. The city is seen to be the setting the pace in industry, sport and the arts. It also boasts one of the highest student populations in the UK, which means you’ll never fall short of new people to meet and cultural activities to get involved in while on campus. The Mancunian city is known for having one of the strongest party cultures, so you are guaranteed to have a top-class student night out every time, partying with students from all different walks of life and a variety of cultures.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool has a strong history and culture as the oldest Red Brick University. There are approximately 33,000 students who study here, 8,000 of whom come from all over the world. Liverpool has been ranked the 4th friendliest city in the world, so you’ll be sure to feel welcomed. In Liverpool, you can also experience some Scouse history and culture by visiting places like The Beatles’ Abbey Road, The Liverpool Playhouse, and the historic docks, to name but a few.

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is host to approximately 9,000 international students coming from more than 170 countries. It isn’t surprising that so many students decide to start their studies at this highly reputable university and join its expanding community. Leeds was named University of the Year in 2017 by The Times and has scored five points above the national average for student satisfaction. As a research-intensive university, Leeds has earned a lot of funding for its academic research, which has, in turn, furthered student opportunities. The university is located 10 minutes away from the city, but you can also get a feel for the heart of the English countryside by exploring the surrounding county of Yorkshire, which is known for its castles, medieval abbeys and national parks.

If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog to find out what these Red Brick Universities are, how they came about, and the advantages of studying at them. Are the six original Red Brick Universities not appealing to you? If not, you might be interested in the newer Red Brick Universities, which are also part of The Russell Group ‒ an establishment of 24 UK universities which we have written about in our blog about The Russell Group Universities. If you’ve decided on your university, relax, and make your journey from home to your new university as hassle-free as possible through our door-to-door luggage service. You can easily get a quote for sending your bags here.

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