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Share your discovery of Send My Bag™ and earn rewards

Send My Bag has grown on word of mouth, we all hate excess baggage charges and like to tell friends how we beat them, with My Rewards it's now even easier to share and you'll earn points by doing so.


It's easy to get started, simply visit the My Rewards page when logged into your Send My Bag account. From this page you can use our social sharing buttons (you'll earn 100 points just for sharing!) or access your unique link to share wherever you like.

When your friends follow your link and signup, they'll receive a $8 discount on their first order and there's no need for the order to be placed straight away, the discount will remain valid for 12 months and will apply automatically.

As a thank you for telling others about Send My Bag we'll add 500 points (worth $8 credit) to your account as soon as they place their first order.

Earn Cash this Autumn

This autumn Send My Bag Rewards is getting even better:

- Refer 5 of more customers and trade your credit for cash. 

- Refer 10 or more customers and we’ll double the reward value! e.g. If you’re off to Uni and refer 12 friends, instead of $96 you’ll have the choice of receiving a $192 credit or $192 in cash.

If you achieve the referrals required simply email by midnight 14th November 2016 to redeem either offer.

All you need to do to take part is to start sharing your link which is available from your account.



- Tweet, post and email your link to friends and family.

- If you’re in a university club or group share your link on the social media page, website or newsletter. International student clubs work particularly well!

- If you’re a member of an expat or other forum use your referral link in your signature.

- If you work in a travel agent, hotel or hostel, share your link with colleagues and guests.

- You can also print your link and put it up in university halls or on resort notice boards.


Double Up and Cash Conversion Terms:

To be eligible to convert points to cash (rather than to Send My Bag credit) you must have referred 5 or more new customers between 25th August 2016 and 31st October 2016. To be eligible for double up, you must have referred 10 or more new customers in the same period.

For the purposes of double up and cash conversion, a 'referred customer' is a new Send My Bag customer who places an order on or before 31st October 2016. The new order cannot be associated with the referrer in any way, including using the same or similar addresses to those used by the referrer, the exception being in the case of public addresses e.g. university halls, which are acceptable as long as the other address on the order and names on the order are not associated with the referrer.

Any referrals resulting from attempts to intercept customers already seeking to place an order with Send My Bag will result in the account being excluded from double up and cash conversion. For example referrals achieved by promoting the offer on dedicated discount or coupon websites, or as a result of bidding on 'Send My Bag' and related brand terms in search engine advertising will be ineligible. Send My Bag's decision is final. 

Only points earned from customer referrals made in the above date range will be eligible for cash conversion and double up i.e. any points currently on your account will not be eligible.

If you achieve the required number of referrals and would like to apply for double up or cash conversion, you must email us by midnight GMT on 14th November.

Any points converted to cash will be paid via paypal in the currency in which your Send My Bag account operates, Send My Bag is not responsible for any transaction charges paypal may charge you to receive the payment. Send My Bag may withdraw this offer at any time for any reason.

This offer is open to private users only, if you are interested in our commercial affiliate scheme please contact us.


My Rewards is a fun way to share a discount code and earn credit, if you would like to share a My Rewards link with a larger audience contact us about our commercial affiliate program.

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