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2017 Airnorth Luggage Allowance & Excess Baggage Fees

Review Airnorth luggage allowances and charges before travelling.

airnorth carry on allowance

The amount of hand baggage permitted by Airnorth’s baggage allowance depends on the aircraft being used. On the E170 Jet aircraft, passengers are allowed a bag weighing no more than 9 kg and measuring a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23 cm, with its total linear dimensions not exceeding 115 cm.

On the E120 Brasilia aircraft, the hand baggage allowance reduces to 4kg and dimensions of 48 x 34 x 21 cm.

Finally, on the smaller Metroliner 23 aircraft, only small, soft handbags are permitted on board. 

airnorth's Checked baggage allowance

According to Airnorth’s baggage allowance, passengers are permitted to check in 20 kg on the E170 Jet. This reduces to 13 kg on the E120 and the Metroliner.

airnorth Excess baggage fees

If baggage exceeds 13 kg on the smaller aircraft, it may be accepted. According to Airnorth’s baggage allowance rules, if baggage exceeds 20 kg, an excess baggage fee will need to be paid. This varies according to the route travelled but ranges from $5 to $10 AUD per kilo.

If travelling with an infant you may also check in a stroller or a carry basket, plus 10 kg of checked baggage, in addition to your own allowance. Supplies for the infant during the flight may be brought on board but these make up part of the adult’s carry-on allowance.


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