Belfast International Airport Prepares for Passengers

Thursday, 11 June 2020
Belfast International Airport Prepares for Passengers

Belfast International Airport in Northern Ireland is set to welcome its first passengers since lockdown began and travellers will have to follow a series of steps designed to limit the transmission of coronavirus.


The airport is asking those flying to say their goodbyes outside of the terminal as they aim to limit the number of people inside the building. Once inside, travellers are being advised to wear a face covering and observe social distancing.


A one-way system will be in place and hand washing and sanitiser points will be introduced throughout the airport. Hygiene screens will be also installed at close contact points.


The managing director of the airport said, “Belfast International Airport is ready to welcome back our passengers. To reassure them, and everyone, we are working in line with all international guidance to continue to provide essential connectivity for Northern Ireland”.


Passengers should expect a “no frills” experience with no shops, restaurants or bars open throughout the airport. Meanwhile, drinking water will only be available from vending machines and refill stations.


EasyJet will resume operations from the airport on Monday as part of wider efforts from the airline to get back to business. The first international flight will be to Faro on Tuesday with more locations to be introduced in the coming weeks and months.


Passengers should prepare for long queue times at security however as a limited number of lanes will be open to ensure social distancing guidelines can be followed. In addition to this the airport is asking all those who feel unwell to not travel to the airport and will ask those with symptoms to leave immediately.


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