Best Bristol Nightlife for Students

Friday, 23 August 2019
Best Bristol Nightlife for Students

A recent survey by Student Hut saw students vote Bristol as one of the best party cities in the UK, so it’s only fitting that we bring you a blog on the best Bristol nightlife for students.

A 2019 BBC analysis found that Bristol has the highest rate of inward youth migration in Britain. The study analysed how different places in the UK were suited to young people, taking into consideration nightlife as one of the variables. Overall, Bristol ranked in the top 5 places. Check out this blog for our pick of the best of Bristol nightlife.


We thought we had to include this venue because of its riverside lock yard, which is a must-do for the summer season. This outdoor club area, located behind the warehouse club and beside an old unused building, used to be a skate park. Here, the venue recently hosted an open-air club event that sold out. There is a further list of other summer parties planned, so we recommend keeping your eyes peeled. Club events at Motion are known for bringing the best of techno, house, and garage, all within a very industrial style setting that creates a hip and edgy feel. Motion also hosts a huge bingo party every week called Bingo Lingo, which is a fun and wacky take on bingo. At this event you can enjoy dancing, rave intervals, stage performances, prizes and other twists on the game of bingo.

Blue Mountain

This is a club that has been running in Bristol for 26 years, but there have been threats that this is going to come to an end because of plans to close the venue and make room for new housing. It has been good news so far, though, as those who run Blue Mountain have talked to the new owners of the venue and it was decided that the club will stay open for longer. They have a host of club nights and summer parties planned for 2019, with special DJs and guests, as well as student deals and promotions. As there has been no confirmation yet of plans to close the venue, we recommend you add a night out at this long-running Bristol club to your to-do list.

Mr. Wolfs  

A club and live music venue that has been up and running in the heart of Bristol’s club scene for 14 years. It is open 7 nights of the week with weekly club nights – like The Jazz Funk Soul Society every Tuesday when selected pints are £2.60. For something more chilled out, they have an open mic night every Wednesday called The Gin Jam, when entry is free. This young and hip venue also attracts lots of independent singers, bands, and DJs from all music genres.


A very unique venue with an interesting history, Thekla is a former 1950s cargo ship of the same name. The ship became a showboat in the 1980s and from then it began to host a variety of performances, including cabaret, comedy, plays and musicals. This was only the beginning, as the ship, under new management in the 1990s, was then turned into a nightclub and live music venue and has since been a hit. Thekla has club events like end of exam and festival parties, and lots of live music listings every month. Go on a Thursday night and you will be able to snap up the 2 for 1 drinks promotion. You can enjoy drinks and dance the night away overlooking Bristol harbour, as this is where the ship is docked.


You will be guaranteed to have a good time and a cheap night out here, as there are deals and promotions running every night of the week. You can party here at the start of the week, mid-week and at the weekend, as there are club nights from Monday-Sunday. Deals and promotions include free entry, happy hour, and £1.50 for drinks and shots. You can therefore enjoy a mix of cheap drinks and a mix of music every night of the week!

Bristol’s nightlife venues are very young, hip, and have a history of success – so it is no wonder that students voted Bristol as one of the best party cities in the UK.

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