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Best Instagram Accounts to Follow: Student Top 10

Wednesday, 05 June 2019
Best Instagram Accounts to Follow: Student Top 10

Nowadays everything is Instagrammable, which is a blessing in disguise. Yes, a few seconds spent scrolling on Instagram can send you into minutes and hours of procrastination away from your university work, but you can also make your Instagram scrolling useful, by having a look at posts with tips, guides, hacks, and educational topics. We’ve put together our pick of the top 10 Instagram accounts that can be useful for students to follow for informative posts, with the exception of a couple of non-serious and funny ones that bring a bit of humour.


Best Instagram Account: @savethestudent

All students know that feeling of being skint but wanting to spend money on everything but the things that a responsible adult needs to spend their money on, right?! This account posts money-saving hacks for all the things we love and want, but don’t really need. They also run competitions, giving away things like alcohol, food and shopping vouchers, and other freebies.

Best Instagram Accounts: @savethestudent money saving


Best Instagram Accounts: @onepoundmeals

As a student, most things need to be done on a budget, including meal planning. Many students mistakenly go for instant meals as the most affordable option. This Instagram account, however, will make you want to scrap all of those microwavable meals stacked up in your student house and instead try the hearty and healthy budget meals it suggests to its followers. The meals shared on this account are from the award-winning One Pound Meal books by chef and presenter Miguel Barclay. There are lots of dishes that are vegan and vegetarian friendly – in fact Miguel’s vegan one-pound meals book won best cookbook in 2019. No doubt, the mouth-watering meals presented here will leave you with a hungry urge to go and cook them.


Best Instagram Accounts: @studentproblems

Hit the follow button if you want a giggle about typical things that students do, what a day in the life of a student is like, and student problems, all of which you can most likely relate to. Sometimes the saying ‘if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry’ is very true and appropriate, and that is exactly what this account is about as they share posts to make you laugh about all of the tasks, worries, and challenges you face as a student.


Best Instagram Accounts: @focusign

An Instagram feed that looks like it has been created by Monica Geller from Friends. Here, you can get inspo for planning your week at university, organising your work, and making it all look pretty. By following this account, you might realise that it’s time to stop avoiding your responsibilities. It makes studying look a bit less daunting, and it might give you the urge to go out and buy lots of new stationary and get stuck into studying.


Best Instagram Accounts: @thegoodquote

It is hard not to feel down at university, with there being so much pressure to do well in your degree and to get a job at the end of it. It is said that university can be the best days of your life, but it can also be the most challenging. This Instagram account recognises the importance of emotional well-being. Check it out for self-care advice and motivational quotes to help keep your positivity levels up.


Best Instagram Accounts: @ucas_online

You’ve more than likely already heard of UCAS at school, with regards to applying to university, the UCAS points you need to get into university, and so on. In reality, you might not take it all in from PowerPoint presentations at school, so following the UCAS Instagram account is a great way for you to learn more about the university application process without being bombarded with too much information. They also have tips and advice on things like choosing a subject, where to study, gap years, and many other topics.


Best Instagram Account: @cfashionista

For all the fashionistas out there and those who manage to have the time and effort to dress up in nice clothes for lectures, rather than simply jumping out of bed and throwing on a hoodie, this account is for you. The account is an Instagram community of students who are interested in fashion. They share posts every day from their community of fashion enthusiasts, so keep your eyes peeled if you want some fashion inspo.


Best Instagram Account: @ohthebooksshewillread

If you are a bookworm or want to get more into reading in your free time at university, follow this account for lots of book ideas and reviews. You can get book reviews from lots of genres, as there are posts everyday recommending different books to read. The Instagram feed makes reading look very visually appealing, leaving you with a desire to kick back, relax, and read a good book.


Best Instagram Account:  @historyphotographer

Whether you study history or not, by following this account you can increase your knowledge and strengthen your memory of history and facts. Rather than setting time aside to read a lengthy book, you can get snapshots and summaries of interesting and iconic points in history.


Best Instagram Account: @sendmybag

We can’t write a blog on Instagram accounts to follow without including our own. After just launching our Instagram account, we’ve got lots of great new posts that are both fun and informative. As well as telling you about our student shipping service, the Send My Bag Instagram account will give you tips and advice on student topics and problems – like choosing your accommodation, rent prices, studying abroad and lots of other things. Watch this space!



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