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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Last year Send My Bag™ hit the headlines when research by the consumer watchdog, Which?, revealed our service to be better value than low-cost airline baggage fees, even before excess baggage charges. It also found Send My Bag™ to be the best value luggage shipper in the UK. Send My Bag™ is now a global leader in luggage shipping.

As travel plans for the year ahead begin to unfold, at Send My Bag™ we want to make your luggage choice an easy one. To that end we’re pleased to announce two very simple customer pledges:

We guarantee our door to door luggage services won’t be beaten on price.
We guarantee your express service item within the US will arrive on time or your money back.

We’ll be very surprised if you find a lower price on a comparable service, but if you do, let us know and we’ll match it. If you find a lower price up to 7 days after you place your order we’ll match it and add credit to your account!

If your Send My Bag™ Express service item doesn’t arrive on time we’ll credit your Send My Bag™ account with 50% of the transit costs. If the delay is 2+ working days we’ll credit your Send My Bag™ account with 100%. To claim, get in touch within 7 days of delivery.

It’s not just our low prices and on-time record which makes Send My Bag™ a preferred luggage service in the US:

-    Customer services phone lines open 7 days / week.
-    Phone lines open to 8pm 5 days / week.
-    Freephone US telephone number.
-    Live online chat available 7 days / week.
-    Free specially designed Send My Bag™ label holders sent to your door upon request.
-    Send My Bag™ is one of the largest specialist luggage shipper in the world, visiting more than 70 countries every month; our logistics partners provide us with dedicated support allowing us to provide an unparalleled service.

Whether you’re off on vacation, planning a year of study abroad, spending the summer working on your vacation home or joining an expat community in sunnier climes, have a great 2015 and get in touch with any questions.

Send My Bag™ Team

For full terms & conditions on both our low price and on time guarantee please visit our terms of service (section 14).

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