Bringing a Dog Abroad: Things to Consider

Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Bringing a Dog Abroad: Things to Consider

Bringing a dog abroad can create difficulty if you want to move to a new country. Getting your dog abroad and settled into your new home is something that you may be worried about, as a dog tends to become an important member of the family. In this blog Send My Bag has put together a list of things for you to consider in order to successfully relocate your precious pooch.

Check the Government’s Website

It is important that you check the government website for the country that you are moving to, noting their rules, restrictions, and guidelines for bringing a dog abroad. These can vary for each country, so be sure to double check, as not following the correct guidelines could result in your dog being put into quarantine.


Dogs can only receive their pet passport after they have been given the correct vaccinations and proof of them can be provided, in the form of  a record supplied by the vet. The rabies vaccination is standard for most countries and there needs to be a 3-week interval between the dog receiving this vaccination and the time of travel. There are other vaccinations that are country-specific. For example, the UK requires a tapeworm treatment, and other countries require a blood test to check the strength of your dog’s immune system. The country’s government website should state what the required vaccinations are.


Your dog will not be issued with a pet passport if they aren’t microchipped. The details of your dog’s microchip identification will also need to be recorded.

Pet Passport

Once your dog has got the vaccinations needed to enter the country you are moving to and they have been microchipped, you can give a record of both to a registered vet who can issue a pet passport. The vet might also do a health check before they issue the passport to ensure sure that your dog is in good enough shape to travel.

Check the Airline

With most airlines your dog will be put into the cargo hold of the plane, but some airlines might have restrictions on the height and weight of your dog and the crate or carrier that they are travelling in. Most airlines will ask for a fee for your dog to travel in the cargo hold. Some US carriers don’t allow pets to travel between May and September because of the extremely hot weather that this time of year can bring, making it unsuitable for dogs to travel.

Your Dog’s Comfort

The logistics of bringing your dog abroad are important, but it is also very important to consider your dog’s comfort. Travelling can be a stressful experience for dogs, but there are a few things that you can do to reduce their anxiety. You could make the carrier that they will be travelling in more familiar and comforting for them by getting them used to it before travelling and putting in a blanket with your scent. Tiring them out before they travel is also a good idea. Be sure that they have enough food and water for the journey and try to make them as comfortable as possible!

Unfortunately, we can’t send your dog abroad, but we can send all of your bags. Having your luggage shipped through our door to door luggage delivery service means that you will have one less thing to worry about!

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