Delta Resumes Flights from U.S. to China

Tuesday, 23 June 2020
Delta Resumes Flights from U.S. to China

On June 25, Delta Air Lines will become the first U.S. carrier to resume flights to China since the temporary suspension in February in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Operating twice weekly, the first flight will depart on Thursday morning from Seattle and ultimately reach Shanghai via Seoul, South Korea. In July, an additional service will operate from Detroit once per week.


The airlines president for Greater China and Singapore said, “With a mission to connect the world, Delta is committed to getting to their destination safely and confidently, especially at this critical time.” He then continued by highlighting the “unprecedented” health and safety measures the airline has put in place.


Delta’s extensive healthy and safety measures include the sanitization and disinfection of all aircraft, the use of “state-of-the-art” air circulation systems, and adjusting the boarding process to reduce contact between customers.


Similar to airlines in the UK, Delta will also be “streamlining” their onboard food and beverage options and encouraging customers to pack their own food. More space will be allocated to passengers by blocking middle seats and on international flights seating will be capped at 60% in the main cabin.


After United Airlines announced last week that they would be strengthening their mask rules, Delta have also confirmed that all customers are required to wear face coverings at all points of their journey. Complimentary face masks will be provided should passengers not have their own.


Delta has been struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, burning through an estimated $50 million per day in May.


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