EasyJet Changes Cabin Bag Policy

Tuesday, 01 December 2020
EasyJet Changes Cabin Bag Policy

EasyJet customers who want to use the overhead lockers on board their flights will have to buy more expensive tickets when the airlines new policy launches February 10, 2021.


Those who do not purchase the more expensive fare will be restricted to placing a small carry-on bag under their seat.


According to EasyJet, the new policy will improve punctuality and help to minimize flight delays.


Many customers are reacting angrily to the news with one on twitter calling it an “absolutely terrible move” and that “like Ryanair, [they are] monetizing every opportunity in a race to the bottom,”


There are some customers who are welcoming the new policy however, pointing to the extra storage space on board.


At present, all EasyJet customers are allowed to fly with a cabin bag with the maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25, enabling them to put small wheelie suitcases into the overhead lockers.


The new rules mean passengers who want to travel with bag of this size as hand luggage must buy a more costly ticket such as an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat, the prices for which range from £7.99 extra on a standard fare up to £29.99 extra on a longer flight.


Those passengers who also buy the more expensive Flexi fare or are members of the airlines frequent flyer scheme will continue to be allowed to carry one small and one large item of hand luggage with them on board; subject to space.


Customers with an existing booking for travel after February 10 who do not wish to pay the extra fee will be able to check in a larger cabin bag in the aircraft hold free of charge.


EasyJet has previously used its luggage allowance to differentiate it from other competitors such as Ryanair who allow only one small item of hand luggage. British Airways’ cheapest fares meanwhile include one large and one small item of hand luggage.


EasyJet recorded a loss of £1.27bn up to 30 September, the first annual loss in the airlines 25-year-history, as revenues more than halved amidst the chaotic travel restrictions imposed in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.


The airline expects to fly at just 20% of its normal capacity into next year.


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