JetBlue Increases Checked Baggage Fees

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

JetBlue has announced that it is increasing the cost of checking a bag.

The price hike will see the cost of one checked bag raised from $25 to $30. A second checked bag will go up from $35 to $40. Most notably, a third checked bag will increase from $100 to a massive $150. These prices will apply to passengers travelling on the cheapest ‘blue’ fares.

The fee increase will be applied to all bookings made on or after August 27th, 2018, and is said to be due to spiralling fuel costs.

It is believed that other major airlines will follow suit and increase their checked baggage fees, too. Air Canada and WestJet have already taken the decision to do so.

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JetBlue increases baggage fees

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24 Aug 2018


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