JetBlue Requires All Passengers to Wear Face Masks

Tuesday, 28 April 2020
JetBlue Requires All Passengers to Wear Face Masks

JetBlue have announced they will require all passengers to wear a face mask starting May 4.


This news follows other airlines around the world stepping up efforts to contain the spread of the virus with some introducing a vacant middle seat policy and last week Emirates in the UAE announced they would require all passengers to wear gloves and masks for the duration of their journey.


JetBlue have become the first U.S. airline to introduce a policy requiring all passengers to wear personal protective equipment, from the moment they check-in until they disembark. They had previously only required flight crew to wear face coverings. In addition to this, JetBlue have reduced the number of seats available on flights in efforts to make social distancing easier for both its passengers and flight attendants.


At American Airlines, masks for flight attendants will be necessary from May 1 and passengers will be offered personal protective equipment.


According to the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), which represents 50,000 flight attendants across the country, at least 250 crew members from their affiliated airlines have become infected with COVID-19 since the outbreak began.


In response, a letter to the Transport and Health departments of the U.S. government from the AFA calls for personal protective equipment to be introduced as mandatory for all crew and passengers.


A CDC spokesman has addressed the letter stating the agency recommends a face covering for all individuals in a community setting including during travel.


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27 Apr 2020


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