Lufthansa Group to Operate 1,800 Weekly Flights by July

Friday, 15 May 2020
Lufthansa Group to Operate 1,800 Weekly Flights by July

The Lufthansa Group is eyeing a relatively rapid turnaround in their flying schedule with plans to operate 1,800 flights per week, to more than 130 destinations, by the end of June. Plummeting passenger demand amidst the coronavirus pandemic forced them, as well as airlines in all corners of the world, to halt the majority of their fleet in March.


The group has said its airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Eurowings will start to offer 70 weekly overseas flights in the first half of the month and then expand upon this in the second half of June.


Lufthansa’s focus will be on long-haul flights operating in and out of Frankfurt to destinations such as Toronto, Mexico City and Dubai, amongst others. Three international routes will also resume from Munich, including Los Angeles.


SWISS will operate eight long-haul flights from its home in Zurich and will introduce some new European routes including Paris. Meanwhile, a statement from the Lufthansa Group states Eurowings will again offer routes in the Mediterranean region.


Lufthansa are not the only company seeking a return to the skies. Earlier this week, Ryanair also announced they would operate 1,000 flights per day, operating at 40% capacity. Both have implemented a series of measures to protect passenger’s safety and prevent spread of infection.


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