Post News: Post Office workers to stage 5 days of Strikes in the lead up to Christmas

Wednesday, 14 December 2016
Post News: Post Office workers to stage 5 days of Strikes in the lead up to Christmas

The Communications Workers Union have advised Post Office workers will stage 5 days of strikes in the lead up to Christmas. The strike is expected to cause disruption to those sending gifts and Christmas cards via the Royal Mail network.

The union have said the strike is a result of an ongoing dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures. The strike, which is expected to affect at least 300 branches nationwide, is expected to begin on 19th December and follows industrial action taken earlier this month.

The CWU’s general secretary, Dave Ward, has written to the Post Office chief executive, Paula Vennells, saying the strike action would be called off if the service promised to pause closure of crown post offices and committed to serious discussions about the union’s concerns.

If the strikes make you feel nervous about sending your presents through the Post Office, we’re here to help. We continue to see an increase of customers sending their Christmas and gift packages with Send My Bag.

With prices starting at £15 for 20kgs within the UK, £25 for 20kgs within Europe and a brand new 5kg rate on all international express routes (many next day) starting at £35 (vs The Post Office's £73 for 5kgs to USA*), we can certainly see why!


*Parcel Force; £73, 5kgs, 5-9 day shipping time. Price retrieved from on 30/11/2016

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