Qantas Considers Perks for Vaccinated Passengers

Friday, 28 May 2021
Qantas Considers Perks for Vaccinated Passengers

Australia’s national airline Qantas is reportedly considering introducing travel perks for passengers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


The vaccine rollout in Australia has been slow compared to the UK and United States and it is understood Qantas is contemplating the move to encourage vaccination uptake in the country.


While the airline is “still thinking through” how it would work, chief customer officer Stephanie Tully says the incentives could be “Qantas points, Qantas or Jetstar flight vouchers, or status credits for frequent flyers.”


Australia has been off limits to nearly all travellers since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 and aside from a travel bubble opening with New Zealand, the borders look set to remain closed for some time. Entry for Brits could be as far away as 2022.


Qantas have already postponed their international flight schedule to December at the earliest after having originally planned to have started flying again from October.


The Australian government predicts international travel numbers will remain low until the middle of next year because of the slow vaccine rollout with widespread inoculation not looking possible until the end of 2021.


With little to no revenue from international travel, Qantas have had to think of creative strategies to attract passengers, launching so called “flights to nowhere” – sightseeing and mystery flights. The more spectacle the better.


The most recent experience was a supermoon scenic flight which coincided with a supermoon and a full lunar eclipse. Economy tickets started from £280.


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