Travel News: Qantas increases additional baggage charges by up to 75%

Friday, 28 October 2016
Travel News: Qantas increases additional baggage charges by up to 75%

The spotlight has been shining on the popular Australian airline over the past few days following their announcement of a new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners which will be used for a new direct flight from Perth – London. The airline has even streamlined the much loved ‘Flying Kangaroo’ logo which they will display on the new aircrafts.

As exciting as all this sounds, is it enough to cover the price increases which Qantas have quietly introduced in the background?

The airline has, from today, increased the price when purchasing excess baggage at domestic airports. The first additional piece of luggage will now cost $70 AUD. This is a massive 75% increase from the previously charged $40 AUD fee. If you need a second piece of additional luggage, you’ll now need to pay $90 AUD instead of $60 AUD.

It doesn’t stop there either; the popular airline has hiked the price for items that exceed their allowance of 23 kgs from $30 AUD to $50 AUD. The price for purchasing additional pieces of luggage online has also increased from $30 AUD to $35 AUD.

In response to the fee increases a Qantas spokesperson stated “Qantas has generous checked baggage limits compared to other airlines, so there’s a very small percentage of customers who actually have to purchase additional baggage.”

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