5 Steps to Help You Cope During The Half Term Holidays

Friday, 10 February 2017
5 Steps to Help You Cope During The Half Term Holidays

This weekend many of you will be heading away with the kids for the half term holidays. This is a great time for the kids to unwind and have some fun. This doesn’t mean your sanity has to suffer, however. Follow these simple tips from Send My Bag to create a half term holiday that benefits the whole family.

  1. Don’t let bad weather ruin your half term holiday plans

    Travelling in February means there is a distinct possibility that bad weather could ruin your plans. But there is damage control to be done. It makes sense to purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation cover. But why not consider annual travel insurance that automatically renews so that you are always covered. This way you are covered in the case of any prior event causing you to cancel your trip. If you need to rebook a cancelled flight, avoid queuing for ages by giving your airline’s helpline a go; or do both and get on the phone while you are queuing.
  2. Distract your kids

    Have activities planned for your kids during the half term holidays that are led by other people, such as guided tours or fun classes. This way you can take a back seat and have some relaxation time. It’s a great idea to travel with another couple so you can take turns looking after the kids, giving you some alone-time with your partner. Or, you can take turns at being in charge of a day’s activities, so that the other couple can avoid taking on all the responsibility for that day.
  3. Pack smart

    You can avoid small problems escalating if you pack for most eventualities. This means packing extra clothes so it doesn’t matter if kids get dirty within half an hour of arriving at your destination. It means packing medicines that can nip allergies or colds in the bud. It also means being able to turn a rainy day during your half term holidays into a day of fun by bringing with you details of backup activity options and packing books, games and something to watch a movie on if things get desperate.
  4. Make life easy

    Consider spending a bit of money on travel shortcuts, such as booking flights that don’t leave at 6am, treating yourself to a security fast pass or sending your luggage to your hotel with Send My Bag. This rules out waiting at bag drop or luggage carousels and means you are better able to look after the kids without 60 kg of luggage on your mind.
  5. Make the most of being a family

    Recoup the cost of any little extras you may have purchased to make your journey easier by taking advantage of family discounts. Ask at your hotel for the names of restaurants that allow kids to dine for free and opt for attractions that provide free entry for kids under a certain age.

You can find more tips on travelling with kids during the half term holidays by checking out our blog on the subject.

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