UK Announces Quarantine for Arrivals

Monday, 11 May 2020
UK Announces Quarantine for Arrivals

The UK government have announced they will impose a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving into the country from overseas amid concerns of cases of COVID-19 being imported.


Details remain sparse, though it is widely expected that the measure will come into effect by the end of May and it will not apply to those arriving from the Republic of Ireland or France.


UK based airports are understood to be worried about the plan as they have already witnessed the devastating impact that coronavirus has had on the aviation industry and now fear things will only get worse. Airlines UK, which represents British Airways, easyJet and other UK-based airlines have said the policy needs a “credible exit plan” and should be reviewed regularly.


The managing director of the World Travel and Tourism Council has highlighted her concern about the policy stating it will “highly damage the confidence of people wishing to travel”. This expected crisis in confidence has forced British Airways bosses to review their plans to return to 50% flying capacity by July.


Those within the UK aviation industry, including the head of Airlines UK, understand that we must adapt to the new normal. However, the boss of the industry body states that “closing off air travel in this way is not the way to achieve this.”


Further highlighting airport concern, Heathrow have said the government need to “urgently” lay out a roadmap for when it would reopen borders.  


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