Travel News: United Airlines announce Basic Economy fares with no overhead luggage allowance

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Travel News: United Airlines announce Basic Economy fares with no overhead luggage allowance

In a bid to compete with low-cost airlines, United Airlines have announced a new fare class below economy - “Basic Economy”.

The new fare class will restrict passengers to just one carry-on item (shoulder bags, laptop bags, backpacks etc.) to be placed under their seat. If you need to check in an extra overhead bag, this option will be available, however, it will cost an additional $25.

Passengers travelling on Basic Economy will also be the last group to board and unable to upgrade or earn status miles. If you plan on travelling with a group of friends or family, be warned that you won’t be guaranteed to sit together. Seating will be automatically assigned during check in with the airline warning that there will be “no opportunity to change” your assigned seat.

The new Basic Economy fares will be available from early 2017 for US domestic flights.

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