University Students Allowed to Return Home at Easter

Tuesday, 09 March 2021
University Students Allowed to Return Home at Easter

University students in England are permitted to return to their family homes over the Easter break, updated guidance from the Department of Education (DfE) says.


International students will also be allowed to fly home during the holiday with the guidance stating “overseas travel” is permitted.


The guidance states that this travel exemption will allow students to travel home and back to their university accommodation once over the break.


However, the guidance strongly discourages travel where possible in order “to minimise transmission”.


Further information from the government points to ever changing travel restrictions whilst students are overseas as another reason for not travelling as it will be “harder for students to get back into England”.


If learners do decide to return home, it is highly recommended they get tested for COVID-19 prior to the journey and before they return to campus.


Since the lockdown was imposed in January, remote learning has been the default position in order to adhere to social distancing regulations. In-person instruction has only been taking place for critical courses such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science or teaching training.


From this week however, practical courses that require access to specialist equipment and facilities are permitted to return to face-to-face teaching.


For all other students, the government has said it will review options for all on-campus learning to resume by the end of the Easter holidays.


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