Wizz Air Passengers Will Need to Wear Face Masks

Thursday, 30 April 2020
Wizz Air Passengers Will Need to Wear Face Masks

Budget airline Wizz Air will resume some routes from Luton airport May 1 with passengers required to wear face masks in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.


The airline is one of the first in Europe to resume services and joins the likes of JetBlue in the USA and Emirates in the United Arab Emirates in introducing the policy of mandatory personal protective equipment for all passengers. They had previously only required flight crew to wear masks and gloves.


The guidance on face masks has been confusing over the course of the pandemic with the WHO initially stating there was no evidence wearing them would help stop the spread of the virus. Their advice has since changed however, and it is looking increasingly likely that masks will become a common feature of air travel over the next few months.


In addition to requiring passengers to wear masks, Wizz Air have also stepped up their cleaning and disinfectant of airplanes and taken measures to increase physical distancing during boarding and on the aircraft.


The company have also urged that check-in and purchases such as paying for extra bags should be done online where possible in order to reduce interaction at the airport.  


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28 Apr 2020


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