Top Tips for being a Productive Student

Friday, 28 Aug 2020

Top Tips for being a Productive Student

Productivity at University is a challenge when you also want to enjoy your student days, having spontaneous nights out during the week, having a day out with friends or binge-watching Netflix all day when you have no seminars or lectures. Send My Bag have included our top tips for being productive at University, so that you can do what is needed done and still enjoy the fun part of University!

1. Prepare and Plan

You don’t have to leave everything to the last minute. Staying up all night on coffee and energy drinks the night before a deadline or exam is a go-to for most students, and whilst some people work better under this kind of pressure, it is likely to increase stress.

You can save yourself some stress and make things easier in the long run by doing simple things throughout the semester – making study notes in advance, organising lecture notes, books and any other resources, planning and prioritising what you need to do. At least then you will be more prepared if you have to do things at the last-minute, rather than wasting time deciding where to start or gathering what you need. Last-minute tasks may also be less daunting when you already know what you are doing.

2. Study Space

A good study environment is needed to focus your attention and increase productivity. This can vary for different people, some might like working in complete silence, others may prefer a little background noise.

Some may prefer a coffee shop or their own desk at home over the university library. You may also like to have things set up in a specific way to get you into the ‘work mode.’ It’s best to work out what is best for you, try and test different study spaces to see where you get the most work done.

3. Break it up


Everyone has their limits. Studying and working around the clock can actually do more harm than good as tiredness and stress kicks in. No matter how much work you have to do, take regular breaks! Even if it’s only going outside for fresh air for 10-15 minutes or grabbing tea/coffee. A refreshed mind is likely to be much more productive than worn out one.

Break the work into realistic amounts, and use breaks as rewards for getting a set amount of work done, which can be your motivator.

4. Do the hardest task first

As tempting as it is to keep putting off a dreaded task, continuing to avoid it can make the thought of doing it even more daunting as you worry about where to start with it, which may even distract you from other work.

It’s best to just start it and get it over and done with, and you’ll probably find that it actually wasn’t as bad as you thought. You will feel better for being able to tick it off your list and not have it hanging over you.

5. Sleep and exercise


You may not think it, but these two are probably the most important! They are the best way for you to refresh and refuel. Not getting enough sleep can lead to heightened stress levels, and stress can then make it harder to study and sleep, and so it becomes an endless cycle that decreases productivity.

Exercise is a great refresher, even if it’s going for a long walk with your friends, you are guaranteed to feel better afterwards as your body releases endorphins, otherwise known as the happy chemical as it triggers positive feelings.

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