How to Package & Ship Golf Clubs: Step-by-Step Guide

Send My Bag brings you a step by step guide on how to package and ship golf clubs safely and securely:

  1. Obtain a freight-approved hard travel case for your clubs, as this offers them the best protection. If one is not available, you can place your golf bag into a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box*. You can find boxes online that are specially sized for shipping golf clubs. Before ordering, measure your closed golf bag and find the shortest box that it will fit into.
  2. Thoroughly protect the heads of drivers with padding material, such as towels or bubble wrap.
  3. If you wish, you can also protect the shaft with bubble wrap and tape.
  4. Place your clubs into your golf bag. You may want to choose a smaller golf bag so that your shipment fits within the standard shipment size of 120 cm. You can also detach side pockets from your golf bag to reduce the size of your item.
  5. Book your collection with Send My Bag and print your labels.
  6. Place your golf bag within your freight-approved hard travel case or double-walled cardboard box. Include a backup label with your golf clubs. Tape the cardboard box securely using tape that doubles back on itself. Reinforce the box edges.
  7. Secure labels to the front of your packaged item. Add any additional customs documentation required for your destination.
  8. Wait for your collection. Make sure someone is available to hand your golf clubs over to our driver. This doesn’t have to be you – it can be a friend, family member or a receptionist at your hotel or resort.
  9. Track your golf clubs using the Send My Bag App so you know where your clubs are every step of the way.

*Send My Bag cover will only apply when clubs are shipped in a freight approved hard shell case. Golf clubs placed within a standard golf bag which is in turn placed inside a soft carry case (and then wrapped to stop straps flapping about and getting caught) will be accepted, but Send My Bag cover will not apply. 

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